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Use this site to get the latest information on political ads purchased at television stations around the country. These files provide the only information we have on who's behind some of the shadowy groups pouring money into the election. You can sort it by state and individual television market or search by date. Some of it we have thanks to ProPublica’s Free the Files. Note: This information is not complete but it is the most comprehensive data available. With your help, we're trying to fill the gaps by getting paper files from TV stations and by entering data. For information on how you can help, check here.

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Top markets for presidential candidate ads

TV Market Total Filings Stations mandated*
Denver, CO 1308 7 of 15
Las Vegas, NV 799 4 of 9
Tampa, FL 741 5 of 12
Orlando, FL 708 5 of 12
Norfolk, VA 674 4 of 9
Boston, MA-NH 530 5 of 17
Columbus, OH 516 4 of 6
Cincinnati, OH 490 4 of 5
Milwaukee, WI 486 4 of 12
Washington, DC-MD 416 5 of 11

Top markets for Non-Candidate Issue Ads

TV Market Filings in last 7 days Stations mandated*
Tampa, FL 53 5 of 12
Grand Rapids, MI 39 5 of 8
Raleigh, NC 38 4 of 10
Atlanta, GA 32 4 of 10
Washington, DC-MD 26 5 of 11
Detroit, MI 23 4 of 8
Greenville, NC 22 0 of 8
Greensboro, NC 15 4 of 8
Traverse City, MI 15 0 of 8
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 10 9 of 13

Mandated stations are those required by new FCC rules to put their political files online. There is no standard form available, so instead stations are uploading their own ad contracts, invoices and other documents as PDF files. This rule began Aug. 2, and only applies to ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliates in the top 50 TV markets.