Political Ad Spending Analysis

We analyze and scrutinize every political ad campaign spending of each political party for any given election. This will give the public a clear picture of the whole story.

Data Analytics on Political Ad Expenditures

Here we present the trends that we observe in terms of spending by each candidate, from the lowest office all the way to the White House

Foreign Media Influence

In recent elections, foreign media has begun to take interest in US elections, an unprecedented feat in the history of our country.

Expert Spending Analysis

The data contained in these pages are from our expert sources, whose credibility is backed by years of unblemished record. Thus, we are assured that we get only reliable information, which can be verifiable through named sources.

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Market Shares and Prices

This section reveals how much or how little money is spent on each sector of society. This will reveal exactly what the target market is for each state, district or city.

Political Ad Breakdown

Ths section discusses the detailed breakdown for each coverage area. This will help make the big picture clearer by showing smaller snapshots of individual spending sectors.

Effects on Youth Movement

Traditionally, young voters do not get a lot of attention from political ad campaign strategists. This is due to the perception that millennials do not care for such activities. Recent developments prove otherwise.


This section explains the distribution of campaign funds per State, pre District, and per City. This also shows which State has the most influence on political ad spending for each election year.

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Traditional Oligarchs

Oligarchs from wealthy and affluent families have a lot to gamble on during political campaign periods. They throw money where they perceive to get a lot of leverage for their family business or interest in the long run.

Suits of Wall Street

Wall Street has been demonized by recent movies exposing how much influence they could have on a politician’s way of leaning towards law-making and other critical decision-making activities.


Often referred to as lobbyist, these groups or individuals are betting on political elections to bolster their own interests. Oftentimes, best interest only benefits this handful of influential groups of people.

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Health Insurance Concerns

Recent elections focused mostly on health care programs by previous political rivalries. This sector is so crucial and could spell success or doom for each party, depending on where you stand on such issues.

Accessibilty of Heakth Care

Let’s face it, health insurance premiums have gone off the roof in recent years. This shows again, the lack of concern by previous leaders, on the ability of common Americans to afford such critical needs.

Victims of Political Hot Potato

Creating a climate where ordinary people could no longer afford to get much-needed health insurance, policies were clearly influenced by a few who stand to gain a lot with such an occurrence.


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The Fall of American Education System

In the past decades, America was one of the top leaders, in terms of education, from primary to university. In the last few years, we have fallen behind the likes of Europe, Netherlands, and some other foreign nations. This is due largely to lack of funding from the government.

Apathy From Educators

What’s more concerning is the apparent lack of concern from teachers, when it comes to their wards. They stopped caring about whether their students learned their lessons or not. All that matters is that they get paid each and every pay day.

The Abundance of Finger Pointing

In all these fiascos going on, people are looking on who shoulders the blame. Is it the State-for allowing legislators to deregulate education? Or is it the local educational board, who allowed teachers free reign on how to run their classes?


“The children are the future of this nation”, goes a famous saying. If that’s the case, where is our country heading, with the kind of education our children are getting nowadays? Down the rabbit-hole, I’m guessing.

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