The Broken State Of United States Healthcare

Healthcare in the United States is not only 100% private, it’s also not working all that well despite the fact it remains to this day one of the most expensive systems in the world.


Socialized medicine has been something of a phobia in the US despite the fact that both their neighbours have socialized medicine systems that provide good care to their citizens.

Things have gone so far recently that medical tourism to Tijuana has become an important and lucrative industry as health facilities in Tijuana are state-of-the-art, the staff is competent, and prices are a small fraction of the cost in the US.

The system is broken indeed. It’s incredibly expensive, on top of that.

Let’s have a look at the main reasons why.

    • Medical Errors and AIDS are illnesses that make everybody feel afraid for good reason. Yet, medical errors are cause more deaths every year than both of those diseases. This is ludicrous when you take into account that we are talking about the country with the best medical schools in the world, but it still happens. At the root of this problem is the failure among doctors to communicate correctly, make themselves understood, make sure the correct treatment and drugs are given to patients.
      • Half Of The American Doctors Use Paper Instead Of Digital Records. This is not a problem about technology alone. It’s about an outdated form of record keeping that makes things redundant and unreliable. Information that has been miswritten or written in illegible handwriting causes people to get deeper into trouble instead of nearer to solving them. This is made worse by the fact that insurance companies and hospitals want you to get a bit more trouble than you need. That’s how they make their income.
  • Not Enough Focus On Prevention. The main focus in the American healthcare system right now is on fixing things that are already wrong. You’ve developed Type 2 Diabetes? We’ll get you some insulin.  But if we had warned you properly about those 3 daily pints of coke you were drinking every day along with your other sweet junk food, then you could have avoided this Diabetes altogether. The big problem in this context is that nobody makes any money out of successful prevention, but a lot of corporations and hospitals do make lots of money out of selling either drugs or services to people that are already sick. In this, as in so many other things, always follow the money. It’s estimated that a fifth of a million lives would be saved every year by prevention alone and we’re still not doing it.

What’s Not Broken, Though…

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The opiate crisis is real and it happened because big pharma pushed it with the government’s support.

The opiate addiction crisis. The opiate crisis is real and it happened because big pharma pushed it with the government’s support. As a result, some forty thousand people in the US are dying every year from drug overdose resulting from their addiction to opiates. This is a sign of a deeper, bigger problem: the influence pharmaceutical labs have on doctors and the government.

Opiate painkillers were not always that common as a prescription, they became so because the laboratories found ways to push them into patients through doctors.

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